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For kids

PASO offers a lot of different products for kids: schoolbags, school backpacks, shoe bags, pencil cases, bags, lunch bags as well as stationery.


We find it very important to take care of children’s health and safety. The designs of our schoolbags are not only attractive, which is very important in case of products for children, but they are also functional and useful, applying different technological solutions. For instance:

- All schoolbags have very stiff, ergonomic back

- Profiled shoulder straps protect a child’s backbone from the consequence of carrying excessive weight

- Reflective elements increase children’s safety

- Large space and numerous pockets enable to pack books, notebooks and other necessary accessories in a comfortable way.

- Big comfortable zippers and pullers with strings and rubber endings make opening and closing the schoolbags much easier

Our schoolbags have positive attestation of Mother and Child Institute, which is a confirmation of the highest quality.